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Basics in Programming

For those interested in the MMT and missing sufficient credits in informatics, we offer an MMT-tailored introduction to programming online course: Basics in Programming (BIP). The course encompasses a remote, self-study format that, upon successful completion, provides you with a certificate that is worth the equivalent of 6 ECTS in informatics (valid for the MMT application only!).

Eligibility for the BIP course

Please note that we will only accept prospectives for applying to the MMT into the BIP course. This means that your Bachelor degree's major has to be in accordance with the requirements of the MMT program and a final grade of 2.39 or better still needs to be achievable. If you are unsure about the requirements of the MMT program, please check our requirements again carefully. If unsure, please consult with first.

Aims of the BIP course

  • Teach basic knowledge in object-oriented programming
  • Foster the application of this knowledge in an own project
  • Prepare participants for an application to the Master’s program in Management and Digital Technologies and give opportunity to gain further informatics ECTS for your application



Applicants are required to register via the Mercator Tool, where they specify their desired 2-week period, as well as the time for the final exam on the last day of the course. If the requirements for the course are met (see 'Eligibility'), you will get a 2-week access to the course materials via Moodle starting from the date specified during registration. The course will be a self-study format with lecture and recap recordings as well as constant work on the final assignment. During the 14 days, participants are invited to ask questions in forums which will be regularly answered by the teaching staff. 

Participants are evaluated based on a final exam, as well as on a final assignment. Both deliverables get assessed on a pass-or-fail basis. The exam will take place on the last day of the 14-days period during a 2 hours time window. If both, the exam and the assignment are passed, participants get a certificate worth 6 ECTS attributable to the informatics minor for the application to the MMT Master program. Please note that the 6 ECTS are not valid outside of the application to the MMT program.


If you want to take the course, please register via the link below.

Register here for the Basics in Programming Course