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Who is eligible to apply?

The MMT Master's program aims at prospective graduate students that have a background in either business administration or in informatics and who are looking for a highly specialized Master's program in the intersection between management and technology. Therefore, candidates need to demonstrate a completed Bachelor's degree in either business administration with a minor in informatics or in informatics with a minor in business administration. Students of integrated study programs like media management, media informatics, information systems or business engineering are also highly invited to apply for the MMT program, if they fulfill the application requirements (see 4). In addition, applicants need to prove very good English language skills. However, knowledge of the German language is no prerequisite.

Application Period and Process

We provide you the opportunity to apply for the MMT program on a yearly basis. Thus, candidates can only apply for the respective winter semester intake (starting in October) according to the academic calendar of the LMU. Please note that the MMT program follows the German semester structure and timetable.

An application is possible from 1st February to 15th May of the year in which you would like to commence your studies (e.g. February to May 2017 for a start in winter semester 2017/2018).

Potential applicants are required to submit their application via the online application form. Besides providing your relevant data, you also need to upload one consolidated PDF file that contains your application documents (see 4).

The structure of the application process is as follows:

Step 1 ======> 2 ======> 3 ======> 4
What Submit Application Review Application Candidate Assessment Final Decision
Who Candidate MMT Admissions Candidate and MMT Admissions Selection Panel
When 1st February - 15th May Mid - End of May Beginning - Mid of June End of June

Application Requirements

Following documents are required for a complete application:

  • A copy of your CV.
  • A copy of your Bachelor certificate demonstrating a grade of 2.3 (that means less than 2.40, e. g. 2.35 would be sufficient) or better according to the German grading system
    • in business administration or a related field (at least 180 ECTS credit points) with a minor in informatics (at least 20 ECTS credit points must be passed in the minor - excluding the credit points of a final thesis) or
    • in informatics or a related field (at least 180 ECTS credit points) with a minor in business administration (at least 20 ECTS credit points must be passed in the minor - excluding the credit points of a final thesis).
  • A proof of your English language skills that matches the level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) - if you are not a native English speaker or if you have not obtained your Bachelor's degree or high school diploma with English instruction language.

Due to internal requirements, international applicants with foreign academic qualification need to provide a (if necessary officially translated) copy of their completed Bachelor's certificate at the time of their application.

However, for German citizens (studying in Germany or in a foreign country) and foreign students that are currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree program at a German university a different regulation applies if no completed Bachelor's certificate is available at the time of their application: In this case, if you are unable to provide a completed Bachelor's certificate and/or the necessary amount of credit points at the time of your application, you still have the opportunity to apply for the MMT program if you can hand in a transcript of records by your current university. This transcript of records of your Bachelor's program needs to prove at least 140 completed ECTS credit points with an average grade of 2.3 or better according to the German grading system, thereof

  • at least 15 ECTS credit points in informatics if you study business administration (or a related field) or
  • at least 15 ECTS credit points in business administration if you study informatics (or a related field).

The proof of your English language skills is, however, indispensable (it is not possible to hand in your English proof later than 15th May). Accepted candidates must be able to provide their certificate of a completed Bachelor's degree (at least 180 ECTS credit points including 20 ECTS credit points in the minor) during the first year of their MMT studies at LMU, otherwise the admission will be withdrawn subsequently. Additionally, we provide all candidates that have successfully passed the candidate assessment (see 6) the chance to acquire 5 ECTS credit points of the required 20 ECTS credit points in the minor during the first year of the Master's studies at LMU - if they did / do not have the opportunity to acquire sufficient minor credit points in their former undergraduate program.

Candidate Assessment

If your application complies with the stated requirements, you will be invited to participate in a (consecutive) two-day assessment event, which takes place at the LMU in Munich (Germany), normally during June of the respective intake year. On the first selection day, you are required to take a written examination with a duration of 120 minutes that contains open questions in the areas of both business administration and informatics. During the second selection day, you are going to have an hour-long oral examination, which consists of a group interview with in total four candidates that is held by two professors with a background in business and informatics. You will be accepted to the MMT program, if you pass both the written and the oral examination.

Please note: We advise all international applicants to - if necessary - apply for a German visa as soon as they apply for the MMT program, since due to legal reasons a physical presence of all invited candidates is obligatory during both days. We do not provide the opportunity to conduct parts of the selection process via other communication channels. Absence at the selection event automatically leads to a rejection of your application.

Admission and Enrollment

After a successful application for the MMT program, you will receive a letter of acceptance by the Munich School of Management that allows you to enroll yourself at LMU:

  • German citizens and international students that are pursuing or have completed a Bachelor's degree at a German university are required to enroll themselves at the Studentenkanzlei.
  • International students with foreign education need to apply additionally at the International Office until 15th July of the respective intake year and need to enroll themselves after they have received an additional letter of acceptance issued by the International Office. A very helpful guideline is the available "Guide to Master Studies for International Students at LMU".

Please check the respective websites for formal requirements. In addition, please consider that different deadlines apply for the admission at the Studentenkanzlei and International Office - so we kindly advise you to thoroughly examine to which group you belong to. You are going to receive a final notification of admission only, if you are able to fulfill the formal requirements of the Studentenkanzlei respectively International Office in time.

Repetition of the Application

The application may be repeated once.

Further Questions

Please review the FAQ section for further details on various aspects such as the CEFR English requirements or the treatment of foreign academic degrees.