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Testimonials & Impressions

This section provides you with first-hand experiences of both students and practitioners with the MMT Master's program at LMU Munich.



"Unlike your average business administration student, participants of the MMT Master’s Program enter their professional lives with a multi-disciplinary background with expert knowledge in the areas of media, management and digital technologies. This unique triangulation of prevailing topics qualifies the drivers of the future of traditional as well as new digital business models."
- Stefan Zant, Managing Director and co-founder of 7Sports (ProSiebenSat.1 Sports)

"Facebook, Vine, Netflix, Spotify, Snapchat – social, mobile, and data technologies drive new business models in the world of media. What will be the next big thing? How will monetization work? The industry craves for experts with both the technological knowlegde and the management skills to grow visions to business."
- Dr. Marc Al-Hames, Managing Director Cliqz GmbH (

"In order to lead the changing media industry and meet the chances and challenges of innovation, Burda is depending on highly motivated and educated experts with professional knowledge in the fields of media, management and digital technologies. This skillset enables the active participation in the formation and guidance of current and future trends and their utilization with new and innovative business models."
- Stefan Winners, Board Member National Digital Brands at Hubert Burda Media


"I chose the MMT program because on the innovative blend between management and IT. Taking courses within both fields and combining key competencies within both business and IT gives me great confidence to be able to tackle challenges in the modern business world. Possessing the skillset to be able to ensure a smooth bridge between technology and business is becoming increasingly important, no matter the industry, and the MMT program is the perfect program to gain this skillset. Moreover, the small class-size was important in my choice given the higher probability of a personal touch and tighter connection with the great professors of the school and program. Studying at LMU in general further enticed me, given its great reputation and connections within the rich business world of Bavaria. Studying in a city with over 115,000 students, including students from all over the world, is a great experience - not just in regard to the development of my professional skills but also as a great possibility to build new friendships."
- Oskar Hargedahl (Sweden), MMT 2016/2017 Intake

"After I gained experience in Media Informatics and Business Administration during my Bachelor, I was looking for a Master program which combines both disciplines, gives insights into the intersection between the subjects and prepares for a career in the Digital Media Industry. This is why the “Media, Management and Digital Technologies” program at the renowned Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich is the perfect fit for me. On one hand, it allows me to expand my knowledge in both Informatics and Management; on the other hand it concentrates on the combination of the subjects and brings together questions from both disciplines. It will also help me gain important insights into the fast evolving Digital-Media- and Internet-Industry. Another reason for my decision to study the MMT program was that a lot of courses will have a practical focus and some will be held in close cooperation with well-known companies. This will allow me to immediately apply the theoretical content of the lectures to real work scenarios. I am sure that the interdisciplinary character, the practical focus and the fact, that the MMT program is completely held in English, will be a great advantage in my future career. Last but not least, I am really looking forward to studying with people from all over the world in the most beautiful city of Germany."
- Katrin Hagner (Germany), MMT 2016/2017 Intake


Course "Foundations of MMT": Scrum Simulation with LEGO Bricks Building a City

  • A Multi-Team, Full-Cycle, Product-Oriented serious game to teach Agile methodologies
  • Three Sprints (short work periods of 7 minutes in our case) to build a city with lego in two separate teams
  • City elements: park, church, bus stop, bridge, river, intersection, shop, kindergarten, school, one&two storey building
  • Game took 90 minutes separated in three phases:
  1. Pre-Game
    1. Form self-organizing teams
    2. Present the project overview
    3. Specify the Backlog (Tasks)
    4. Estimate workload for every item of the backlog
  2. Game
    1. Planning the next sprints
    2. Sprinting (Build the lego)
  3. Post-Game
    • Debriefing ("What could we do better next time?")
scrum01 scrum03

scrum02 scrum04