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Questions regarding your time as MMT student

Is there the option to study on a part-time basis?

No, the MMT Master’s is offered as a full-time degree only. However, there have been students working part-time during their studies. Students are advised to strictly limit the time they spend working apart from their studies to ensure focus on university obligations.

How can I prepare before coming to Germany as an overseas student? What do I have to organize upon arrival?

Internationals find information on the things they should consider before moving to Germany (e.g. visa application or health insurance) on the respective website of the Studentenwerk München.

Are there possibilities to receive financial support or scholarships?

The LMU and the MMT program cannot offer any financial support. There are possibilities to get support via BaföG, the common financial support for students in Germany, if you fulfill their requirements. Additionally, there are other possibilities to receive financial support such as study and education loans or in scholarships. The application for such support is the responsibility of the students. For more detailed information please visit the website of the Studentenwerk München.

Which possibilities for scholarships exist?

The MMT itself does not provide any scholarships. However, there are several opportunities offered by the LMU itself. For further information on that topic please visit the website of the international office.

Is there a mentoring concept available for the MMT program?

Yes, there is a mentoring program for MMT students in cooperation with our industry partners. Students receive further information at the beginning of the program.

Are there German language courses available for foreign students of the MMT program?

Yes, foreign students will be given the opportunity to participate in intensive German language classes (free of cost) that help them to acquire a solid level of German during their MMT studies. Information on the courses is provided before the program start.